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Ponies: Send me a note and I'll give you a price quote. Prices don't include shipping (which will vary depending on location, but usually isn't more than $15 withing North America unless you want faster shipping with deliver confirmation). I require a 40% deposit to make an OC. For official characters, I won't ask for payment until after I've finished the pony.
*I'm happy to work out a payment plan for those who need it.
**I'm also open to the possibility of trades.

All of my ponies are made of minky with embroidered eyes and cutie mark. I don't charge for extra colors (unless it's a pony with a crazy design that has 8+ colors or exceedingly complicated hair) or body parts (wings, horns, unless it's both). However, I will charge extra for certain accessories like clothes or a gold silk-lined CMC cape.

Unfortunately, I am currently limited to to making mares, fillies, and young colts. No stallions or princesses. I haven't drafted patterns for those yet.

Mochi: The Mochi!Canada in my gallery is about 5" at the widest part and 3.5" tall. I'm asking $25 per mochi. The body and hair curl are made of super soft (and rather expensive) minky, and the face is embroidered. I always try to give the mochi some sort of distinctive feature of the character (haircurl for Canada, eyebrows for England, ponytail for China, etc.), and it doesn't necessarily have to be a Hetalia character. I'd like a 50% deposit if it's an OC, and won't require payment for an official character until I've finished making the plush.

If you're interested in a larger mochi, send me a note and we can work out a price.

How much would you pay for a perler design of about 1700 beads? (About About 10"x7" [25cmx18cm] in size. Includes pony, item [eg. Octavia's cello, Derpy's muffin] & stand) 

4 deviants said $10-15 (€7-11)
4 deviants said $15-20 (€11-14
3 deviants said $35+ (€24+) (please specify amount in comments)
2 deviants said $25-30 (€17-21)
2 deviants said $30 -35 (€21-24)
1 deviant said $20-25 (€14-17)



Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Ambitious. Perfectionist. Cosplayer (terrible when combined with the previous trait).

My greatest loves are sewing, traveling, and languages (and not just Japanese. I have a substantial amount of French and Spanish under my metaphorical belt, too).
GalaCon Vendor Map by Lykaios-Avery

I'm attending GalaCon again this year. I'm located at mighty (table) no. 9. 

I was lucky enough that I was able to be moved down to the ground floor, and very thankful. I was worried that people were going to browse through the ground floor vendor hall and miss the first floor, or only realize that there is another floor after they'd spent all their money on the first floor (which I find is pretty common at the Canadian conventions that I've attended). There are many more plushie vendors this year so I may need to lower my prices to compete, but I also don't want to sell too low to not make it worth the time it took to sew the plushies. I wouldn't be so worried about my work not selling if I were at a local convention, but I'm dragging 20 plushies (and other small things) from Canada to Germany to attend and the sales help cover my airfare back.

So, if any of my watchers are attending or know someone who is, come say 'hello' and help spread the word of my attendance, maybe? I'd really love to meet some of you.

Still fretting. And I leave for London in 5 days.


Lykaios-Avery has started a donation pool!
597 / 112,358
Honestly, I'm not sure what I'll do with the points. I put this here because I figured 'Why not?' I'll probably use them by

a. Giving them away to others
b. Buying my watchers Premium Memberships
c. Caving and purchasing a few art prints
d. Mixing any of the above because I entered a ridiculous (but very specific) goal number

If you do decide to donate, well, thank you very much!

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